Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Movie: Act of Valor (2012)

Act of Valor (2012)

I've heard this movie is really good visually but that it was lacking in plot / story line. Still, I was interested to watch because it uses actual SEAL tactics. This is not a movie for those who don't enjoy the action, obviously!

I love that they did the pre-mission celebration with their families, the LT and his second talking to their crew about sorting out problems at home before they launch the next day, seeing the banded unit of the platoon sets the stage for the mission itself. It makes you think about what these men and their families go through when they are deployed and how they have to balance their lives to the extreme.

I wont tell you too much about the story but I will say that the script was pretty abysmal but I kind of expected that with all the military jargon. It was almost as if it were a documentary and at one stage I wondered if they had just set the whole thing up as a training exercise for the military because I could not fathom how much it would cost to film all the helicopters and submarines and fighter jets.

The acting was terrible, which the scripting didn't help. the few scenes that required acting made me wonder if they used real SEALs, that and the only person I recognized in the whole film was Emilio Rivera and he had something like two lines.

Upside; lots of explosions, lots of action and so many cool stunts! There were a couple that stick out in my mind; one where he caught the guy before he hit the water so that he wouldn't make a splash as he went in and the driving of that awesome dodge into the river; man can those SEALs move quick! It's like they can do anything. Oh, we'll just drop this boat and a team out of an aeroplane and into the ocean, they'll be right! Amazing!

All in all, was alright if you're into the action. If you want to follow the story line / mission you have to pay a bit more attention. Probably shouldnt have watched an action movie when I have a buster headache but I'm a sucker for punishment and as such, I'm going to watch Black Hawk Down now.

3 out 5 SEALs

Fave Quote from the movie: A single twig will break while a bundle of twigs is strong.

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