Friday, 3 August 2012

Movie: Chronicle (2012)

Chronicle (2012)
Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

I loved this movie! I thought it was very realistic... well as realistic as you can get when you have three teenage boys with super powers. Now, we've seen these kind of movies before, from Spiderman to Harry Potter, but this is the closest I've seen to what would actually happen in real life if kids developed super powers.

I've recommended this to a few of my friends and have had varied responses. One of them liked it as much as I did, while another absolutely hated it and said it made her depressed. I can understand why, even though it starts off on a kind of light note there is the underlying unhappiness of Andrew's character throughout the film. In the end, that's what the whole thing is really about.

The three leads; Dane DeHaan (True Blood), Alex Russell (Wasted On The Young) and Michael B. Jordan (Parenthood), are all relative new comers. It's filmed in the first person with Andrew carrying the camera for the first part of the movie. It's a bit annoying, until he gets a hang of his powers and the camera turns very smooth. It changes quite suddenly from light hearted and fun to dark, dramatic and serious when something that you've seen from the beginning suddenly explodes into the foreground.

Really enjoyed this film! Will definitely watch it again and continue to recommend it to people. Let me know what you thought!

4 out of 5 psychos...
[Fave Bit] Flying through the clouds playing football! I wish I could fly...

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