Monday, 13 August 2012

TV: Breaking Bad SE5 EP5

Breaking Bad
Crime, Drama, Thriller

My first thought was that this was another episode like the tortoise episode from season 2 or the fly episode from last season, and boy, could I have been more wrong! What an episode! Like setting up a mobile lab in a tented house wasn't crazy enough, now they're siphoning stuff out of a tanker on a train... These guys are nuts! It amazes me some of the stuff they get away with in this show... What fantastic ideas they have though. Wow.

I was ripping my hair out with whether they were going to get away with it or not... nerve wracking or what? reminiscent of the camper-van episode last season where Hank (Dean Norris) almost caught Jesse (Aaron Paul). Holy crap! I felt like applauding!

Then the kid! Oh shit! I spent the whole episode wondering what he had to do with everything - I thought maybe he'd dig up an old body or something - did not expect that! By the time he rolled around again I'd completely forgotten about him. Now they're in the shit. Knew it couldn't all go so smoothly.

I'd also like to bring up the whole thing between Skyler (Anna Gunn) and Walt (Bryan Cranston) this season, it's really warped my view of their relationship. Last season I wasn't a big fan of Skyler's, she was just so annoying and whingy. This season I kind of feel a bit sorry for her. I mean, it's not really her fault that she's cracking under the stress of everything, wouldn't anyone else in that situation be the same? And I think she really is scared shitless of Walt now that she's realized he's a murderer as well as a drug dealer. I think that's the main reason she doesn't want the kids at home.

So I feel a bit bad for her but then I get this complete confliction with Walt. He's the bad guy in that scenario and this season he really seems to be actually turning into a real bad guy, don't you think? He's been badmouthing Skyler to Hank and Marie (Besty Brandt), he voted to kill poor Lydia (Laura Fraser), and he's robbing trains for Christ's sake!

Woah, what an episode!

5 out of 5 funnels...
[Best Bit] Ahh, when they robbed a train, duh!