Saturday, 10 November 2012

Movie: Night of The Living Dead (1968)

Night of The Living Dead (1968)
Classic, Horror, Sci-Fi

I don't often watch older films but I have seen this one before, I mean who hasn't? It's a classic horror and one of the very first zombie movies ever. The black and white is not a problem for me and the fuzzy picture just adds to the effect. It's the soundtrack that does my head in. Some sounds like the crickets outside at night and the music playing from the jewelry box were overpowering and harsh to the ears but I'm going to put this down the age of the film.

The zombies are your typical shuffling undead but with looks more like the original Frankenstein than a modern day zombie. What I found a bit strange in this film was that they we able to use tools such as a brick or a crowbar to - if slowly and awkwardly - break into houses through doors and windows. You don't see that in any other zombie film that I can think of...

 The characters are pretty typical for the age, the woman is in screaming hysterics for most of the time and the man in the hero saving her as the zombies shuffle up to her unbeknownst. The typical group formations and fractions happen, as in any other zombie movie and we lose some people of course but it doesn't have the same scariness to it as the recent films.

If you know anything about the horror genre then you know who George A. Romero is and that this is just one of many of his classic horror films. He is the on screen pioneer of the monsters we still see today and your not a film buff without having seen at least a few of his movies.

Still not something I would watch more than once in a blue moon.

2 out of 5 Pegg Plugs...
Sorry Simon!

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