Sunday, 4 November 2012

TV: Misfits SE4 EP1

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

I love this show! I'm a sucker for English comedies... having said that, the change over of cast has made me sad. I might have to go and watch all the previous seasons again now which isn't as big of a deal as it might be with other shows because English shows tend to have short seasons... and this is the only time I find short season acceptable.

I am a little surprised to see that they've taken most of the original cast off, especially after the disappointing exhibited by fans last season when they realised everyone's favourite character, Nathan (Robert Sheehan) - including mine - wasn't coming back and the introduction of his replacement Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) just didn't make up for that loss. Now this season they've cut out my second favourite character, Kelly (Lauren Socha) as well as original cast members; Iwan Rheon (Simon but don't worry, we'll soon see him in Game Of Thrones!) and Antonia Thomas (Alisha). Out of the original cast, the only one left is poor Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett).

So lets introduce the new folk shall we? We met Seth (Matthew McNulty) last season, he's Kelly's boyfriend which makes me rather surprised to see him there without her... Does that mean Kelly will make a guest appearance this season? I hope so, I love her derro accent. Also new to the team are Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen).

If you don't know, the story is there was a freak storm and suddenly everyone has these awesome (and not so awesome) powers. We know that Seth has the power to swap peoples powers... Curtis did have the time travel thing but I'm pretty sure he swapped powers and now I can't remember what it was... Rudy can split himself into two personalities, one nice and one not so nice. It looks like Jess can see through walls but what about Finn? They haven't revealed that one yet... I do think he is a compulsive liar though... and what about that woman he had tied to his bed at home? WTF?

Love this show, it has the best intro ever that I can't help but sing along to every time and it's so funky! Love the use of Wolfmother's Woman and Kimbra's Good Intent (Go Aussies!) and I applaud the producers guts in showing the very gruesome scene where Rudy cuts off the case-guys hand... I did not expect that amount of detail!

4 out of 5 lightning storms...
Jess: What are you doing?
Rudy: I...I am looking for a sandwich that i put in one of these lockers for safe keeping but i can be buggered if I can remember which one its in. i bloody hate it when i misplace a sandwich.
Jess: me too it extremely upsetting. What kind of sandwich was it?
Rudy: Cheese, it was a cheese sandwich.
Jess: Perhaps a mouse ate it. Those furry little bastards do love a bit of cheese.
Rudy: They do, bloody mice...
Jess: Mmm.