Friday, 18 January 2013

Movie: Flight (2012)

Flight (2012)

I was hopeful with this film due to the sick obsession I have with Air Crash Investigation. Plus it stars Denzel Washington (Training Day, Man On Fire) whose films I usually enjoy... Not so much with this one...

The story is of Whip Whitaker (what kind of ridiculous name is that? Try saying it ten times..) a pilot who's been at it for many years. One day his plane fail and he somehow manages to save it and about 100 or so passengers in totally improbable circumstances... But besides this bit of excitement, the movie was terribly boring and I felt horrible for making my husband sit through it.

The dialogue was boring, although I liked Whip sometimes, other times he was an ass and I felt confused most of the way through. Was he to blame or not? He definitely saved all those people, no one else could have done it. But how could he have gotten away with his lifestyle for so long? His lawyer played by Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Crash) said it best, he was an arrogant drunk and I didn't really like him.

Don't sit through this film! Even though Denzel was well fitted to the role and won some award for it, don't bother, not worth it.

2 out of 5 Air Crash Investigations...

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