Tuesday, 5 November 2013

TV: How I Met Your Mother SE9 EP8

How I Met Your Mother 
Comedy, Drama, Romance

How awesome is that promo?! I lol'd!

I love this show and I'll be really sad when this season ends as I've heard it's the last season ever. With that being said, we finally get to meet the mother! I was actually thinking that they might pull a cheeky one over us and get Lyndsy Fonesca - you might have seen her in Nikita - because she also plays Ted's daughter and that clip has actually been recycled; she's all grown up now (see above promo)! But no, they didn't do that... and that's ok too!

So the mother is actually played by Cristin Milioti who you may have seen in The Sopranos, she hasn't done a lot of anything else that I recognize which makes me wonder how she was picked for the role... hrmm interesting. I do like her as the mother though, she is definitely Ted's (Josh Radnor) kinda weird.

The whole Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) wedding that's been going on for as long as we can remember, is actually quite amusing. I just had to point out that Barney's mum is played by Frances Conroy who has been absolutely amazing in American Horror Story with her stand out character for me being the horny maid, Moira in the first season. What brilliant versatility! Another guest star that I keep noticing is Curtis, the front desk clerk that keeps commiserating with Ted about his love life. He's played by Roger Bart who I've seen most recently in Revenge but he's been in heaps of other popular shows and movies as well. He's a very recognizable face.

Highlights of the season so far is Daphne played by Sherri Shepherd (30 Rock) and her and Marshall's (Jason Segel) fight over plane, hire car, everything! That road trip is amusing me to no end and Daphne is fantastic! Also, Lily (Alyson Hannigan, Buffy duh!) and Linus! I am finding myself watching out to see if Lily is ever on screen without a drink (I've spotted it once or twice, come on Linus! lol). A little bit of useless info, Linus is played by Robert Belushi and yes, he is Jim Balushi's son. Cool huh!?

I wonder what they are all going to do when this show finishes. We all know how amazingly talented Tony Award winner Neil Patrick Harris is. I have a feeling Cobie Smolders might move over to Agents of SHIELD. Alyson Hannigan made the move from Willow in Buffy to Lily in HIMYM, so we all know she can probably do that again. Jason Segel has his fingers in a lot of pies behind the scenes. What about poor Ted... I mean Josh Radnor?

4 out of 5 teddy bears...