Monday, 23 July 2012

Movie: Edge of Darkness (2010)

Edge of Darkness (2010)
Crime, Drama, Mystery

Mel Gibson's (Braveheart) still pretty good looking for an old man don't ya think? I've always liked him. Bojana Novankovic (Devil, Drag Me To Hell) plays his daughter. I'm going to call her Australian even though she was born in Serbia, she moved to Oz when she was seven so that makes her mostly Aussie. So thats two Aussies in one movie! Excellent!

Holy crapola, that first scene.... was not expecting that even though I watched the preview and knew it was coming. Wow! Explosive!

From the very beginning I couldn't stop questioning why Emma was sick... I thought at first that maybe she was moving drugs and a condom had burst in her stomach or something. She was vomiting and pale and sweaty, but no it wasn't that at all, was it? Yet it was never mentioned in the autopsy. That was strange don't you think?

It's a bit weird to see Denis O'Hare as a dirty American Government official and not hear that dirty Southern accent that he uses in True Blood. But it was Ray Winstone (Hugo, The Departed) that stole the show for me. I wondered about him the whole way through; Good guy? Bad guy? I still hadn't decided when it came to the end of the movie but I think that was the point. His character hadn't decided how to react to the whole situation until the very conclusion. Brilliant performance!

Good movie, spent the whole time trying to figure out what was going on... which was the point!

4 out of 5 drug filled condoms...

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