Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Music: K21 - Single Minded Civilian (2012)

K21 - Single Minded Civilian
Australian Hip Hop

I listen to a lot of Aussie hip hop! It's my genre and I love that its so lyrical and being a Drum 'n' Bass head from back in the pre-Pendulum days I love all the bass heavy beats. Be still my throbbing ear drums! 

K21 won the Hilltop Hoods Initiative in 2008 which brought him to our attention. This is his debut album, released in May 2012 featured heads like Trials (Funkoars), Vents and Brad Strut just to name a few, with production by Trials, Sesta, Mdusu and K21 himself. Those are some huge names in Aussie hip hop right there!

I'm a bit picky with my hip hop. I prefer awesome lyrics and bumping beats to some of the ocker stuff that's come out recently - not that I don't like that stuff!

K21 fits my style pretty well. Songs like Never Ft. Joy Sparkes (see above video) get stuck in my head. I especially love the amount of female bridge/choruses and recognising the voices of the feature artists.

I'd be pretty proud of this for a first album if I was K21!

4 out of 5 obnoxious hip hoppers!

http://www.k21.com.au/ - To buy the album!

Perth, WA peeps - K21 @ The Rocket Room, 5/07/12
Tickets available from any of the artists or the Launch promo team 

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