Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Music: Maundz - Zero (2012)

Maundz - Zero (2012)
Australian Hip Hop

Maundz. I follow him on twitter and man, is he a character! I love the don't-give-a-shit attitude. He really is Maundz the Horrible and its all over this album. It's not exactly my style, a bit too...ahhh... hardcore? In ya face? That's not the description I'm looking for but it was the first that came to mind. It's like he's forcing his rhymes down your throat. You don't like that? Too freakin' bad, have some more! Mwahaha! I wonder if he means it ironically? I get a bit of a giggle out of it. 

"I got a style that manhandle the track" - Zero (track), that's what it is!

Maundz is Crate Cartel and if you've heard anything from them, you'll recognise the sound and style. I think it's very Obese Records and at times he sounds a bit like Pegz...almost. 

It's a massive album with 20 tracks, which is huge, and most of them are actually tracks! There's also the intro, two skits,  and a couple of pretty awesome instrumentals / mixes by DJ 2Buck - might recognize him from Gully Platoon. Besides the massive track listing there are some awesome features including Bias B, Brad Strut, Action Bronson, Drapht, Vents, Sesta (Funkoars) and Crate Cartel. 

As I said before, not really my style but I have been listening to it all week and have to say that Maundz is  bit overlooked in Aussie Hip Hop Get onto it! Buy Zero!

3 out of 5 milk crates...

Memorable Track: The Flipside ft. Alyson Murray? The sax in that track is awesome!

PS. Terribly nervous posting hip hop reviews! eek

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