Monday, 30 July 2012

TV: White Collar SE1

White Collar 
Comedy, Crime, Drama

I'm not a massive fan of cop shows, once you've seen one they're all pretty much the same, but seeing as there is a massive lull in new TV at the moment, I decided to give this one a try. I heard about it on Twitter through Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Angel), who guest stars in later seasons.

It's the story of a master forger, con man and all round white collar criminal, Neal Caffrey played by Matt Bomer (Magic Mike, Chuck). He escapes from prison with only a few months left on his sentence to find his runaway girlfriend, Kate. This sets the entire season one plot line. Where is Kate? Who has her? Why did she leave the bottle? Those and other questions and clues lead Caffrey on a whole season of wild goose chases.

I do have to say, I probably wouldn't have continued watching it if Matt Bomer wasn't so darn attractive... boy has a pretty face! Neal is a character though, I do enjoy his cheeky wit... and I'm still trying to figure out whether mentor FBI agent, Peter Burke - played by Tim DeKay (Carnivale) - is the good guy or not. I like how you're made to think he's the bad guy, then he explains the situation away and you see him as the good guy again. I'm still second guessing him... I love his wife as well, played by Tiffani Thiessan (Beverly Hills, 90210). How cool is she?

Then there's Mozzie - Willie Garson (Sex and The City) - and who knows what he's really up to!

I watched the whole of season one in just over a week. The season plot line - chasing Kate and trying to figure out who was holding her hostage - came to a different conclusion than I thought, but it still didn't really surprise me. I don't think Kate is dead, I think she was playing for the other team the whole way through, that she is the one who wants the box. She will reappear later for sure, maybe at the end of season two....

I'm still watching it though! It's one of those shows you can listen to and not pay a lot of attention. I cook while watching... or have it running in the background on my PC at work, listening and not watching.

3 out of 5 cat burglars...