Monday, 27 August 2012

Movie: Machine-Gun Preacher (2011)

Machine-Gun Preacher (2011)
Action, Biography, Crime

I loved this movie, like, really loved it. I'd watch it again right now. I want all of you to watch it right now. You think the Kony 2012 Youtube sensation was something, try watching this movie. It's orginally a book written by Sam Childers - Another Man's War: The True Story of One Man's Battle to Save Children in the Sudan - about his life and some of the amazing things he's done.

I'm blown away. This guy went from a drug taking, biker ex-felon to a man of God on a mission to rescue as many Sudanese orphens and child-soldiers as he can. You think Kony is bad, take a leaf out of this guys' book, literally! *Adds to my Goodreads list*

We should probably set this straight right now; I'm not a believer of God but that does not mean that I don't respect those who do believe. My husband and I had a discussion during this movie about how sometimes it takes that belief for someone to get up and do something they know they should. Like Sam Childers; God saved him, but Sam also saved himself. I think both of those are true and sometimes it just takes that little bit of belief, that little push, from God or a friend or your own beliefs to achieve that thing.

In saying all this, this film is not always easy to watch. A lot of the beginning is about how Sam was before. Then there's a bit about his family and how he was saved and what brought him to Sudan in the first place. I hadn't seen a preview, had no idea what this film was about. All I knew was that it starred Gerard Butler (Law Abiding Citizen, RocknRolla) and some of the roles he picks have just knocked my socks off with how amazing they are. He has to be one of my favourite leading men right now and this film just proves it.

Besides the amazingness that is Butler, this film also stars Michelle Monaghan (Source Code) as Sam's wife Lynn and Michael Shannon (The Runaways) as Sam's best friend, Donnie. Sam and Lynn established the Machine Gun Preacher Angels of East Africa and you can donate to the appeal or buy a shirt from this link.

Amazing, can't stop thinking about it. Must buy a shirt.... or a well for the kids... or something! Keep up the work Sam, the world needs more people like you!

5 out of 5 happy kids...

The video below is of the real Sam Childers, the real Machine Gun Preacher. 
This video may be disturbing to some people...