Monday, 27 August 2012

TV: LA Complex SE2 EP6

LA Complex

There is something about this show that I just love... I'm not quite sure what it is yet. Maybe it's that even if a season is only six or seven episodes long, so much happens in each one. I was thinking about some of my previous posts for this show and how much I loved certain characters together at the beginning of the season, such as Abby (Cassie Steele) and Nick (Joe Dinicol), and now I'm really happy with where their characters are now and am glad they broke up at the very start. I love how you never know what will happen...

Still don't know what the deal with Simon (Michael Levinson) and Beth (Dayle McLeod) is, is this going to be another season finale reveal or are they just going to leave us hanging? Where the hell are their parents?!

Now I know I've been really harsh towards Sabrina (Georgina Reilly) in the last few posts, but that's because she's been a bitch the whole time. This episode her antics amused me instead of pissing me off... How do they do that? In the space of one ep, I go from hating a character to begrudgingly liking her. Nick is upping the game now though isn't he, might get interesting from now on.

For a bit there I thought Kal (Andra Fuller) could change sides and end up liking Dawna (Tattiawna Jones), the chick that his dad introduced him to, she is rather lovely! Then seeing him eyeing off the guy at the diner.... *sigh* I think he should just tell her that he's gay, she's a social worker she could probably help him through it. I still miss Tariq and am hoping he might magically reappear in the finale, but am not holding my breath.

I just knew that Abby's threesome was going to turn out this was. The girl likes her, she likes the boy, the boy likes the girl. Ha! That's what you get when you jump into a relationship with two people already together... how is something like that ever going to work? I just knew that Brandon (Brett Dier) would pick Laura (Megan Hutchings) over Abby, and I have a feeling that Laura is going to pick Abby. Won't that make things interesting?

Poor Raquel (Jewel Staite), she really didn't have a choice in the matter of Celebrity Halfway House. She really is a bitch though...

I just knew that this thing Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) had going with Jennifer (Krista Allen) was too good to be true, even after this episode I still think that. Eric (Alan Van Sprang), Jennifer's husband is right, Connor enjoys to be babied and Jennifer enjoys looking after him. I'm not saying it wont be good for him, hell, maybe she'll fix him, but they are not going to stay together. Jennifer will get back with Eric and Connor will be broken hearted. I do like that Eric and Connor ended up friends by the end of this ep but who didn't see that coming?

4 out of 5 wedding bands...
"This is not over!" - Laura
"It's not?" - Abby
"Oh the threesome is over! The world of pain I'm about to put you through is just starting. When I am through with you, you're going to wish that you were somebody else." - Laura