Sunday, 26 August 2012

Music: Unwritten Law - Swan (2011)

Unwritten Law
Post Grunge, Alternative Rock, Pop Punk

I know, something a little different from what I would normally post.... but every now and then I get a little sick of listening to hip hop and have to switch to something rocky. I picked these guys today 'cos they have been a favourite of mine for years now. I was introduced to Unwritten Law at the age of fifteen by my boyfriend at the time and haven't looked back.

Yes, they are from the era of Sum 41 and Blink 182 and so are more punk rock than most of the other stuff I listen to, but that makes it better for me I think; a bit nostalgic for my early teen years. Their style hasn't changed that much over the years either and even though I expected this album to be different, what with the gap of six years between Swan and Here's To The Mourning, I was relieved to find it just like the old Unwritten Law that I know and love.

Besides the punk rock, I'm also lenient on this band in particular for their lyrics. I normally rant and rave about music having to be lyrically meaningful... I am totally opposite in this opinion with this particular band. I have no idea why, maybe because I liked them as a teenager so I give them a bit of leeway. Maybe it's because I love the actual music and it's nice to have some real drums and guitar to listen to. (I have to say a lot of hip hop artists these days use live bands, love love love that! There's just something about the sound of actual instruments instead of it all being electronically produced...)

So anyway, I had this album on pre-order, got the Live and Lawless CD/DVD package (which has the best cover I've ever seen on a CD) and a Swan t-shirt as a part of the pre-order, which made me ecstatically happy. Not long after I received the CD my housemate/ex and I went and saw them live for the third or fourth time. The video below is me filming on my crappy little Nokia in the middle of the mosh... It's a cover of Australian band Grinspoon's More Than You Are and it's one of the only covers I've seen Unwritten Law do. These guys consistently throw the craziest shows I've ever been to, the crowd is nuts, jumping around like psychos but I've never seen a fight break out...

I think that's the last time I see them live though... Not long after the show we went to, I found out that the bassist, PK, who is one of my favourite members, and the drummer Steve both quit after an altercation with lead singer, Scott Russo. I cannot express how disappointed I am that these two have left but I 'spose nothing lasts forever right? and I'm lucky enough to have several brilliant, memorable years/gigs/albums that I will remember forever.

The album itself is a bit short I think but it's the same length as previous albums. I think I just got so excited about another album that I expected too much. Either way, this is the album I go to when I think I'm about to OD on hip hop, it will continually be on my rotation, along with all their previous albums, probably forever.

Buy Swan here.

5 out of 5 punk rockers...
[Fave Song] 
Will always be Cailin but on this album.... Dark Dayz

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