Saturday, 8 September 2012

Movie: Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (2011)
Action, Fantasy, Thriller

Lots of people have something against poor Nicolas Cage (Face Off, Kick Ass) but you know what, I like him! That's right mum, I said it! ...Okay, so maybe I don't like him in this but he's done some other films that were fantastic! Nic, my boy, don't you think you're getting too old to play a lead in an action film? Especially in the super hero / comic book era such as this... sort of... Ghost Rider isn't really a hero now is he?

The whole idea of this being a film is a bit ridiculous, there was no way they could have made this and done it justice. A flaming skeleton can only be done properly as a cartoon, in my opinion. They've tried to steer aware from the whole paranormal side of the story and make it more of an action flick, which they can do fantastically. Action distracts from the rest of the crap.

So the story goes; this poor fella's dad is sick, so he goes and makes a deal with the Devil, as you do, and becomes possessed by a demon that prays on the wicked. Okay, doesn't sound too terrible right? Right. Except, the demon sees the wickedness in us all. *evil laugh* Come on, you know you can't win with the Devil, haven't you see Supernatural? Tard!

I do have to admit, that Nic has a fantastic voice for a semi-evil doer. Maybe he should try being a voice actor instead? Beside ol' Nic, this stars Italian singer / songwriter Violante Placido. I've never seen her in anything before but she does make a very pretty leading lady. Also making appearances are the legendary Christopher Lambert (Mortal Combat, Highlander) and Buffy's Anthony Head, as well as Johnny Whitworth (Limitless, Empire Records) starring as the big bad... besides the Ghost Rider of course...

When someone tells you that they will give you the thing you most want if you do so-and-so for them, you know it's a trap, right? Right?! You would think so... Apparently being possessed by a demon impairs your intelligence.

I don't know if it's because I walked into the movie feeling negative before it even started or whether it truly is as terrible as I think it is... Someone please tell me I'm right!

2 out 5 bonfires...
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All the flaming machinery! Awesome!


  1. Thanks for reviewing Spirit of Vengeance, Designated Foreigner. I recently upgraded my DVR to a Hopper which supports 3D pay per views and this past weekend I bought a 3D TV from a DISH coworker who got something bigger. Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance was the first 3D movie I watched. The 3D looked great but it didn’t do much for the movie. I have to disagree with you. Ghost Rider could translate into a great film given the prober writing and a real actor. Nic Cage is bizarre and he over acts on a level that would leave Shatner in awe. I am surprised that there is any scenery left for the film after watching Cage chew it up. Ghost Rider deserves a reboot; the character is interesting and there is a ton of fertile ground for future movies.

    1. You DISH guys must be sharing my blog around a bit, I've seen a few of you now, thanks =D
      I didn't watch this in 3D, not a huge fan of 3D really. It hurts my head =p~
      I have the same feeling for this as I did Wrath of the Titans... a cartoon would just do better IMO. I am a huge fantasy reader though and I'm often disappointed that movies don't live up to my imagination... who woulda thought! lol.

      Thanks for your comment! =D