Thursday, 6 September 2012

TV: LA Complex SE2 EP8

LA Complex

I picked from the very beginning that the strange blonde was Connor's (Jonathan Patrick Moore) sister... but is she really? And who didn't see Jennifer (Krista Allen) and Eric (Alan Van Sprang) getting back together? I'm just glad Connor took the initial discover fine, but then the poor guy had to leave didn't he? I thought he would slip back into the depressed state he was in last season with no one there to look after him or keep him company. But he didn't! Hurrah! Now he has this woman who claims to be his sister and I think if she turns out not to be, he won't mind because he will still have someone.

Looks like the King (Andra Fuller) has found someone new... but this guy (Jarod Joseph) is not standing for the crap he pulled on Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson). I'm glad that he's a strong male, Kal needs someone to tell him how it is straight and not back down. This guy is lawyer, he won't be easily intimidated. I love how assertive and out in the open this guy is, hope he sticks around for a while.

Sabrina (Georgina Reilly) and Nick (Joe Dinicol) working on acts together is so cute! Is it just me or is Nick actually getting funnier? The bit he did in this episode had me actually laughing out loud and the initial take over from Sabrina - the swoop and kiss - was a great move. He's showing her up though, I wonder if she can handle it... Nick's excursion out into the world of internet advertising / dating was absolutely hilarious!

Raquel (Jewel Staite) took another turn this episode. I was really hating on her this season but this episode has been her saving grace I think. It's possible that she thought that Zach (Rhys Ward) was only there for the same reasons as she is, to make money, but now she realises he actually has a very real problem and I applauded her when she walked out of production. She's still going to get her ass sued... again... but it was the right thing to do. The producer looked a bit worried for a second there too, didn't she?

Abby's (Cassie Steele) new friend is niiiiiice! *winks* He looked really familiar and I couldn't figure out why until I looked him up. His name is Steve Byers and he's in Alphas and Immortals and a bunch of other things. He will totally be back next season... or maybe later in this season if we're lucky!

We finally found out what happened to Simon (Michael Levinson) and Beth's (Dayle McLeod) parents! What is Beth going to do now that Dad has finally called back? I wouldn't want to call him back right away either, I'd be pissed that it took him so long and unsure as to whether he wanted me back... She lied to Simon after she said she wouldn't too...

What a nice closing scene too, love it! Actually thought this was the end of the season but yay, there's more! I'm still loving this show, every episode has me thinking about the next week and there is always something happening. No boring bits!

4 out of 5 pizzas...
[Best Bit] 
Connor telling Jennifer that Eric broke her parents vase and the one inside is a fake, just before driving away.