Thursday, 6 September 2012

TV: White Collar SE4 EP8

White Collar
Comedy, Crime, Drama

Do we really think that Neal's (Matt Bomer) dad was a crooked cop? Or was he just set up? Ellen (Judith Ivey) said that they found a gun with his prints on it but what does that mean in shows like this? Absolutely diddly squat! Ellen being killed just made me think that someone is trying to stop Neal from finding out.

I'm a bit sceptical of this Sam (Treat Wiliams) character as well. Who is he really? It occurred to me that he might not actually be Sam. Neal did yell out his name in the cemetery at Ellen's funeral, anyone could have heard that. Just because he says that he knows Neal's dad doesn't mean he does, he hasn't given Neal any solid evidence to support it. I'm surprised Neal hasn't questioned it actually, he's normally pretty switched on. Mozzie (Willie Garson) is onto it though...

Yay! Alex (Gloria Votsis) is back! I was wondering where she went and why she hadn't reappeared. Well, besides the awkwardness of the whole Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton) thing... I had no idea she was playing them but once they said so, I couldn't think of why it never occurred to me. Of course she would play Neal after he took off with the treasure and didn't invite her along. Hope she doesn't just disappear again, I really like her!

Neal is starting to get really frustrated with this whole situation, he's even snapping at Mozzie now, and the preview for the next episode looks like he cuts Peter (Tim DeKay) off! Woah, big stuff there. But what's on the tape goddamnit! I just knew they were going to cut the ep there, cheeky buggars!

Love that he forged a Banksy! Great job too. What a smart ass...

3 out of 5 Banksy's...
"No it just used to mean something to say that you caught Neal Caffrey but now that the police are doing it all the time." - Peter