Wednesday, 5 September 2012

TV: Breaking Bad SE5 EP8

Breaking Bad
Crime, Drama, Thriller

Alright, so this is more like episodes six, seven and eight. After the Train ep I wanted to savour the awesomeness, plus I knew this mid-season break thing was coming. Seriously? I've bitched and moaned about short seasons but this is bloody ridiculous! Splitting a season in two, eight eps a half?! If that's not money grabbing marketing I don't know what is.

I also wanted to point out how entering this season I sort of knew what to expect. I knew it was the last season and I'd read interviews with the writers about how they always planned to end the season. So from the very beginning of this season (you might note it from previous reviews) I assumed Walt (Bryan Cranston) was going to be the Big Bad, as I like to call it. Watching the last few episodes has proven that to me, so it wasn't really a shock. How did all you other viewers feel about his actions lately?

I was sad to see Mike (Jonathan Banks) go. Funny how he was the evil one in the last couple of seasons and this season I was cheering him on to get out of the game and was really sad when he died. I think it was when they both wanted to kill Lydia (Laura Fraser) that I realised how evil Walt had gotten and for Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Mike to be the voices of reason is a complete flip to how it used to be.

So I always thought, and still kind of do, that this series would end with Walt murdered, but after seeing this episode maybe Hank (Dean Norris) will catch him. What do you think? Is Hank going to arrest Walt and send him to jail? Think he'll confront him first? Maybe he won't dob him in at all, after all Walt and Skyler (Anna Gunn) did pay for his physical rehabilitation... Mmm, I wonder...

[Edit] Did anyone else think there was something other than money in the bags Walt left for Jesse?

Was not too impressed... I would have given it another point if it were finale worthy... but with it being a half season and nothing too spesh happening in this ep, merr...

3 out of 5 stacks of cash...
[Best Bit] The giant pile of cash!

'Til next year!