Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Music: Jimblah - Face the Fire (2011)

Our buddy Jimblah has been signed to Elefant Traks!!! 
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Jimblah - Face the Fire (2011) 
Australian Hip Hop, Indigenous

I heard a lot of hype about this guy before I came across his music - or so I thought until I started writing this review! Since then I've realised he featured on a track on A-Love's album Ace of Hearts.

Jimblah was the 2007 winner of the Hilltop Hoods Initiative - which is a fantastic government grant set up by the Hilltop Hoods to help young Australian hip hop artists make and distribute music. And so last year, the long awaited Face the Fire was released.
I've been listening to this album non-stop for about a week now. I tend to do that when I get new music - listen to it on repeat until I get sick of it, then rotate it through my 10k long list of songs... I have to say, this album is doing well. I'm still listening to it on repeat and still enjoying the hell out of it.

I don't know how much attention artists put into the construction of track order - or whether they notice it at all - but I tend to think a lot about it (thanks High Fidelity for teaching me the proper order to put tracks on a mixtape), and I think this album flows really well.

The first track - My Life - is an introduction to Jimblah as an actual person. I love the listing of his family and people close to him - it's as if he's inviting us to be a part of it all. Love it - so much better than just the usual random intro track most hip hop albums have. It sets the tone for the whole album.

I'm not going to do a track by track, as much as I would like to, but I'm pretty sure track 2 is my fave on the album...I say pretty sure because as I listen through, I change my mind... haha. The title track, Face the Fire... I don't know what to say exactly... is empowering and sad and inspirational and I just love it. 

I could keep talking about how he's doing brilliant things helping out Indigenous musicians, how he's a fantastic DJ and producer and just a straight up nice guy, but I thought I'd just recommend you buy the album and follow him on twitter.

4 out of 5 ancient Aboriginal rock art...

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