Thursday, 13 September 2012

TV: LA Complex SE2 EP9

LA Complex

Every week I find myself posting about the new ep of this show, that's the sign of a good one right? I think so. Even though this is only a drama, something happens every week that I want to talk about and I've grown so attached to the characters... It kind of reminds me of Skins a little...

Wow, now I want to know what happened with Connor's (Jonathan Patrick Moore) parents... They've mentioned a few little things and that's probably where Connor's mental issues came from; abandonment. Now he has a sister though. It looks like they all suffered some form of mental illness, can anyone say hereditary? I'm glad I was wrong about her and that Charlotte (Tori Anderson) actually is Connor's sister, he needs some family.

Told you Raquel (Jewel Staite) was going to get sued....again! Kinda knew she would apply for bankruptsy too, what other choice did she have? I did not see her waiting tables though... The owner of the restaurant had the right idea putting her behind the bar instead.

Nick (Joe Dinicol) impressed me this episode. I original thought that he was being a bit spineless when he copped up to the cocaine being his, especially because he didn't sound in the least bit believable but then after he got fired and stormed back into the writers room I actually stopped and cheered at the TV.

Beth (Dayle McLeod) is kinda smart isn't she? Except when it comes to her dad... Wonder if she will ever answer the phone. I don't blame her though, I'd be majorly pissed off with him. About time she got with Cam (Kristopher Turner)! I knew Raquel would end up doing their movie... I bet it turns out to be a major hit and they all become famous from it! How cool was Beth when Raquel stormed in too, I giggled.

I still think Kal (Andra Fuller) is the main character for me, his story is the one I want to hear about. I am so glad he told Abby (Cassie Steele), she might hate him now but at least he will have someone to talk to about it. Wasn't sure he was actually going to tell her for a second there... but he did! Maybe this is finally the time when Tariq (Benajmin Charles Watson) will come back, I've been waiting for this all season!

3 out of 5 skeletons in the closet...
Paul: This is not the 70's, it's not the mid-80's, it's not various portions of the 90's. You are not day traders, this is not a high school or a disco tech in Monaco. You are pale, miserable, uncool writers who should not be able to afford this much cocaine, you're lucky you get a writers bathroom.

Nick: You know, you are like the worst person I've ever met and it might be okay if you were good at this job, but you're not. Everybody knows Chris and Ryan completely rewrite everything you do. You're always late, you're always drunk, you look like a muppet without it's fur and the only reason you're even here is because Paul knew you back when you used to be funny.