Thursday, 13 September 2012

TV: Sons Of Anarchy SE5 EP1

Sons Of Anarchy
Crime, Drama

I cannot stop thinking about this episode! Wow! What an introduction to the season! Kurt Sutter, you continue to blow my mind! I think I actually screamed aloud at one point...

Recap; last season we left off with Opie (Ryan Hurst) shooting Clay (Ron Perlman) twice in the chest after he found out that Clay killed his dad Piney (William Lucking), Jax (Charlie Hunnam) almost killing Clay in hospital with a syringe full of air after Gemma (Katey Sagal) told him that Clay killed his dad, JT. Clay is a big fat daddy killer and everyone wants to take him out now but he told the club that the Niners tried to kill him, so then Tig (Kim Coates) tried to run them down in a rampage and ended up killing the boss' daughter. Big mistake!

Clay bashed Gemma to a pulp so now Gemma has kicked him out and is spiralling into some kind of breakdown. Tara (Maggie Siff) smashed her hand in the door of a van when someone who Clay paid tried to kidnap her. Jax took the gavel with Tara standing behind him, what a scene to leave that season on! Is that it? Probably not, what a season and what an episode to start a new one!

Onto this ep; Clay is out of the hospital but still sitting at the table. Opie has stepped away so Clay tells the crew that Opie was the one who shot him, trying to make himself look better and stop the reprisals to the Niners. Tig realises that he killed an innocent girl and that her daddy is not going to be pleased.

And how about Jimmy Smits (Dexter) joining the cast as Gemma's new squeeze Nero? I forgot he wasn't a part of the original cast for some reason, like he should have been there the whole time, he just fits so well! What do we think Nero is up to? He obviously has some kind of connection to some club or another, what with all those tatts... Think he picked Gemma up at random? Hmm, I'm a bit sceptical, he's a bit too nice if ya know what I mean. Good to see him here though!

Is this the first time we've met Pope (Harold Perrineau - It took me a while to figure out where I rem3ebered this guy from but when I checked his IMDB I realized he was Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet!), leader of the Niners? He's a bit of an imposing crazy guy isn't he? I did not see that scene with Tig coming! I thought for sure he was going to kill Tig... What a horrific scene! and brilliantly portrayed by Kim Coates. I have to admit, it brought tears to my eyes, poor Tig. I wonder if he will tell the club anyway. If there's one thing I know about Motorcycle Clubs, it's that they do not stand for any harm coming to kids, theirs or not. (See BACA - Aust / US) They would back him up and rain hell down on those Niners.

Bringing Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) into the fold with the FBI and making him the VP was the right move to make, but the FBI are only in it for themselves. Still, Danny Trejo (Machete - One of my favourite films!) is one of my favourite actors.

A HUGE review for a HUGE first episode.

5 out of 5 explosions!
Jax: You ready?
Tig: Nah Happy's still getting his dick sucked.
Jax: In this skank-hole?
Tig: Oh, come on, there's nothing wrong with the occasional skank.
Jax: Time to pull out...