Wednesday, 31 October 2012

TV: American Horror Story SE2 EP1 & 2

American Horror Story
Drama, Horror, Mystery

This is another show I loved last season. I admit that the first few episodes are a bit boring and that's why I'm not counting on this ep as being the setting for the rest of the season, but as the season progressed it became pretty darn awesome... so I think anyway. I'm considering reviewing first season separately - stay tuned - because it looks like there has been a cast and scene change for this second season and so far I can't tell whether they are connected at all.

This show has possibly the worst introduction I've ever heard! Every time it comes on I have to mute it, it just does my hear in. Most of the cast from last season are back for this season, plus a few newcomers. It did take me a little while to recognise each of them though as their characters have changed.

Without talking about first season too much, this season is based around an asylum. The timing of the plot is split, which confused me a little at first but then I just had to remember that Adam Levine (front man of band Maroon 5) is in the present and the rest is the past. It's pretty cool that Levine introduces the characters from the present point of view and then we get to know them in the past. Rumors and truth... very interesting.

I'm assuming Evan Peters (Kick-Ass, Tate in season one) is the focus character again, as Kit Walker AKA Bloody Face, the worst serial killer known to the asylum... but as we gathered from last season, not everything is as it seems. Kit believes that aliens committed the murders and it looks like he's telling the truth...Of course no one believes him when they find him covered in blood, holding the murder weapon and his wife skinned. He's then admitted to Briarcliff Mental Institution for a psych evaluation by none other than Zachary Quinto (HeroesStar Trek). Dr. Thredson is the sympathetic visiting psychiatrist who shows a little too much interest in the inner workings of the asylum.

Set in 1964 the asylum is home to a plethora of oddballs, not just limited to the patients! The doctor, James Cromwell (The Green MileThe Artist) is terribly unorthodox using methods such as electro shock therapy (seen a bit of that around lately eh?) and keeping what I'm assuming is zombies in the forest... very strange. Then there's the head nun, Sister Jude (the amazing Jessica Lange, Constance in season one) who once was the complete opposite of a nun and apparently still has those unholy urges and a spiteful temper to boot. I'm thinking she's got a few bolts loose after she locked up the reporter, Lana - Sarah Paulson (SerenityWhat Women Want, Constance's psychic friend, Billie Dean Howard in season one) for being a lesbian and then had her treated with electroshock therapy.

Seems like everyone is a little crazy and everyone has something to hide. Can't wait to see how it plays out. Love a good horror too so I'm a fan.

4 out of 5 haunted houses...
Leo (Levine): Oh my god, you're so demented, I love you.