Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Web Series: Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog (2008)

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Comedy, Musical, Sci-Fi

I run in the right circles on the interwebs to have heard about this before....many, many times and I know that the people who love this are nerdy fanatics...which I will admit I'm not far away from being...

This mini series is amazing! I love, love, love it and plan to make the hubby watch it. The full series is available to watch on Youtube (above) or buy from iTunes here. Honestly, I'd prefer the DVD available from Amazon here. It's really quite cheap so if you like it, support! There is also a range of merchandise available from the website here.

It's the story of the diabolical super villain Dr. Horrible - played by the legen... wait for it... dary Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Starship Troopers) - who's trying to desperately to gain renown so he can be inducted into the Evil League of Evil, while trying to win the heart of do-gooder Penny - played by my current obsession, Felicia Day (Buffy, The Guild). I loooooooove Felicia Day!! Of course, every super villain has to have an arch nemesis and Dr. Horrible is no different. Captain Hammer is played by the awesome Nathan Fillion (Serenity, Castle) with all the normal Fillion style humour and crack-up one liners.

How cool is that cast? It may be little but it's made up of lots of my favourite people as well as a few guest roles by writer and producer Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Buffy), his brother Jed Whedon (co-wrote this series and Dollhouse with Joss) and Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory).

This mini series released on the web in 2008 is freakin' hilarious! but beware, it actually is a sing-along... mostly suitable for kids but I'm pretty sure it was made with adults in mind... It's pretty B-Grade with the songs being recorded in Joss' converted basement but we've had confirmation from Felicia that it actually is them singing and not dubbed!

Give it a go!

4 out of 5 awesome sauce...
 Captain Hammer: "Penny's giving it up, she's giving it up hard 'cos she's with Capt'n Hammer and these *produces fists* are not the hammer." *walks away....comes back* "The hammer is my penis."

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