Thursday, 4 April 2013

TV: Spartacus

Action, Adventure, Biography

I have no idea why they class this biography, its not exactly correct is it?

I've loved this series since the beginning when Spartacus was played by Andy Whitfield who unfortunately passed away after battling cancer. The producers of the show even stalled for a season, airing the prequel Gods of the Arena in the hopes that he would recover and be able to continue the series. Unfortunately this didn't happen and the baton was passed to Liam McIntyre with Whitfield's blessing and he has done a fantastic job in continuing on this brilliant series!

I'm always a little shocked when this show starts up again. After a while of not watching it you tend to forget how much nudity, crassness and blood and guts are in this show and the first time you see a a string of naked slaves chained together casually walking through a marketplace, you actually have to take a second look. True Blood and Game of Thrones have nothing on this show as far as boob and wang go.

It's the story of a legendary Gladiator who leads a slave rebellion against the Roman Empire. The first season is the story of their slavery and escape while the second season revolves around their campaign and the Romans' response. The prequel is about the legendary Gladiator Gannicus (Dustin Clare) who is the only one to ever win his freedom from the arena. There is always lots of blood and gore and lots of sex; how can they go wrong?

Filmed in New Zealand with brilliant Australian and Kiwi cast members such as Manu Bennett (you might recognise him from Arrow right now), Lucy Lawless (uhh, Xena!), John Hannah, Peter Mensah and too many more to name.

Highly recommend this show even though I've heard that this season will be the last, it's worth it.

5 out of 5 Spartans...

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