Monday, 11 November 2013

TV: Lost Girl SE4 EP1

Lost Girl
Crime, Fantasy, Horror

I am so excited about this show being back! It is one of my favourite shows, very cool. Most of the cast are on Twitter and they were live tweeting this premier tonight. I was watching and they did really well not to spoiler it for me! It really does make it just that little bit more exciting to watch now! Argh!

Ok, firstly, I thought I was going crazy when Kenzi (Ksenia Solo from Black Swan) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried from The Tudors) kissed! What the hell? Then I slowly started to realise it was like Kenzi was Bo... Then I actually looked up a season 3 recap (scroll to the very bottom for a one paragraph recap, lol) 'cos I thought I'd really missed something... I didn't, this is just the writers' crazy idea of a season premier.

Alright, so last I remember Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten who was in a couple of The LA Complex episodes. Love that show, sad it's been canned. You can see my reviews for it here) and Bo (Anna Silk) were on a mission to rescue everyone from that experimental facility. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) was forced to extract Dyson's DNA from his bone marrow and give it to the crazy scientist guy to make him a Fae. She gave him a different Fae's DNA and Dyson kicked his ass cos he's awesome like that! Everyone got rescued somehow (of course), including Aife (Inga Cadranel who's in Orphan Black which I have yet to review but it's awesome!), Bo's crazy ass mother. Bo finally meets The Wanderer though he is being really secretive still. He kidnaps her and locks her in a Tarot Card? Kayyy.

Now it's been a while so this could be obvious or I could have my shows crossed over... but is anyone else thinking The Wanderer is Bo's father? I forgot that Tamsin was dying as well, maybe that's why we didn't actually see her in this episode? Is she going to be okay? We better see her again, I like her! Did The Wanderer wipe all their memories? I'm guessing so...

The two meeting scenes of Trick (Richard Howland) and Aife were good. All sweet then all evil, loved it. Poor crazy Aife, I feel a little sorry for her sometimes... Massimo (hello Tim Rozon!) has got Kenzi all addicted to Fae juice, but what happened to Bruce (Rob Archer also plays the Bioman in Defiance)? I really liked him, he better be in some of this season! Didn't Kenzi and Hale (K.C. Collins) pash there somewhere too? Only been waiting like 2 seasons for that to happen! Vex (Paul Amos)! I think everyone hates to love Vex... but him being The Morrigan? Riiiiiight... What the hell was up with his outfits this episode? Even further out there than normal.

Honorable mentions to Kenzi, Hale and Dyson's very hot dance routine. Anyone would think Ksenia has done that before, ha! Hale's bad ass fight with Vex! What about the wish granter played by George Takei (uhh, Star Trek!)? And finally, a tiny appearance by Mia Kirshner from Defiance as a nymph. Love it!

Ok, so where is Bo? Will Aife kill Trick, and didn't Trick escape to somewhere in the last ep last season? Is Lauren going to come back? Where is Tamsin? Is any of this episode real or are they in like a dreamscape thing? And what is this Una Mens? Tell me what you think! I am soooo excited still!

4 out of 5 Tarot Cards...
Kenzi's one liners are still the best! This eps highlight:
"You need to be delivered to a dentist buddy, your breath smells like the anus of a yeti."