Wednesday, 20 November 2013

TV: Sons of Anarchy SE6 EP11

Sons of Anarchy
Crime, Drama, Thriller

Well, Kurt Sutter has done it again! His writing and filming style constantly grabs me; the way he can build the story up and then shock us is just brilliant. I think I love him...

Now, I know me and the hubs weren't the only ones screaming for Clay's (Ron Perlman - Hellboy!) death last season, and I remember posting this quote from Sutter saying that as long as people tune in to watch Clay die, he will never be getting killed off. Then this season he goes to prison and he gets a little softer around the edges and just when you start to feel a little bit sorry for the bastard - BAM - Sutter kills him off! You ass Sutter!

It was done so well though, Clay knew what was happening the moment Jax (Charlie Hunnam - Green Street Hooligans!) killed Galen (Timothy V. Murphy). I have to say I didn't see that one coming at all... well, not right that second anyway. I thought Jax was going to go through with the plan to hand Galen over to the DA (played by CCH Pounder from Warehouse 13!). I think I even screamed out loud when Jax shot him and my immediate thought was; Well there goes those deals with the DA. Maybe when Jax found out about what Tara (Maggie Siff) was up to, his plans with the deals changed?

Speaking of Tara... wow, hasn't she turned into Gemma (Katey Sagal) this season? Faking a pregnancy and miscarriage so Gemma can't have custody of the boys. I think she was on the right track, after Gemma had the car accident stoned with the boys in the car and the Tara's trial with a possibility of prison... I would be worrying about who was looking after the boys too. But I think Gemma has gotten a bit better from being with Nero (Jimmy Smits), who I absolutely love! I mean, look at how she's looking after Wendy (Drea de Matteo - The Sopranos) right now. Can I just mention the Nero and Unser (Dayton Callie - Deadwood) banter from the last episode? Those two... poor Unser, so in love with Gemma but can't stop himself from actually liking Nero. He's a good guy Unser, and unless you (and Sutter) have forgotten, you are terminal...

Galen and Clay are dead but the DA isn't going to keep Jax's deals on the table. Tara and Jax look like they might be able to mend something unless Tara takes the DA's new deal... will she? What will that mean for the club? Just when the idea of getting out of guns looks like it might actually work... Well, we know there will be at least one more season after this... so what's going to happen? Will next season be all about the Sons in prison and the trial? Who knows with Sutter at the helm.

5 out of 5 WTFSutters....