Tuesday, 17 June 2014

TV: Fargo SE1 EP10 - Finale

Crime, Drama

This show....just wow. I first heard about it from some of the bookclub girls who had been watching it, then I looked up the promo above and started it purely on the basis that it had Billy Bob Thornton (the guy who was married to Angelina Jolie years ago. You remember the blood in the vial around the neck debacle? Oh, and he starred in Bad Santa, Pushing Tin and a heap of others) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock).

The show is based off the 1994 movie of the same name, which is apparently based off real life. There are those disclaimers at the beginning of each episode but I had a hard time trying to find anything factual...  and that's because it's not real... The writers/directors of the film insisted it was based on a true story when doing promotional tours and the myth persisted... But it's entirely fictional, just in case you were wondering. I haven't actually watched the film (yet) so I can't tell you how close it is. I do know it was a hit and lots of people I know love it...

Well, now we can all love the show too because it is bloody brilliant. There is not a single episode that was dull, I was biting my nails in the finale. I recognised Colin Hanks from his short time on Dexter and Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul in Breaking Bad but the stand out performance (other than Billy Bob) was definitely Allison Tolman who I have never seen in anything before. Billy Bob is such a bad ass! Freaking fantastic performance!

Brilliant show! It's not been confirmed for second season yet but I've heard that there is a plan for season two already and I will be very surprised if it's not picked up... I've also heard that second season will be very different from what we've seen so far but the guy who wrote season one is also writing season two so what's the bet it will be just as awesome?

5 out of 5 maple leaves...