Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Music: DJ Rks (Reverbnation)

DJ Rks
Hip Hop

Rks (pronounced Ruckus) is a rapper based in Virginia Beach, VA. I've known this guy for a long long time now and I knew the whole time that he was into recording and producing music but what I didn't know was that we had an interest in the same genre; hip hop.

Actually, now that I think about it, you owe me a signed EP Cam! I'll be coming to collect in December ;)

Since we discovered our shared love of music, we've had many discussions about styles, lyrics, beats, etc. We've swapped albums and suggested new artists for the other to check out.... this is what I love about hip hop; there's always more music to listen to and artists pimping out other artists music is the norm. (If you want to see more about this, follow this Twitter List - I'll do an update on this shortly!)

Through our discussions Rks was introduced Selekt Few, the results of which are below.

Dj Rks - Days Lost (ft Selekt Few) by shareefmc

Rks has the style of hip hop I absolutely love; it's lyrically based with awesome beats! What more could you want in a track? He writes all his own lyrics and even produced the beats for a lot of the earlier tracks. We often hear a lot of features in hip hop but Rks tends to rely on his lyrics and beats. When I asked him about people who helped behind the scenes, he came out with a list of people.

John Andrew from Queens, New York produced some of the darker underground style compilations and Mart85 is responsible for some of the rock inspired instrumentals.

I'm a big fan of acoustic hip hop and I'm seeing it more and more lately, which makes me a happy Gee. The Falling acoustic version is one of my favourites in the list with guitar played by Ben from band Shift (one of Rks' other projects). Upcoming tracks will also feature production by DJ Corbett of Black Light.

"Some of the newer stuff wouldn't have been possible without them. It was hard getting back into the swing of things after I took a few years off, more so in regards to the production of the music. I can write any day, but really conveying the right emotion and providing me with an awesome playground in which to play around lyrically is very much thanks to them." - DJ Rks

I understand why he's only got a few full tracks up on the Reverb and the others are samples, but damn dude, I just want to listen to an entire EP or a mixtape! *hint hint, nudge nudge*

4 out of 5 treble clefs...
Fave Tracks - Through My Lies & the beat for My Time is just amazing!

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