Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Music: Grey Ghost - Grey Ghost EP (2011)

Grey Ghost
Australian Hip Hop

I love everything about this EP!

I first heard Jeremedy on 3ree6ixty's (Facebook / Twitter) first album; What You See Is What You Get but I only really took notice when I heard his features on Mantra's album Speaking Volumes followed very closely by his Rappertag (which I thought was one of the best).

Amazing beats, catchy hooks, awesome flow, lyrically brilliant, fantastic hair-do; what doesn't this guy have?

Previous to the EPs release, Jeremedy was part of a band called The Melodics for about six years. I'm so annoyed that I've just discovered this band and now they are no longer playing shows. Damnit! I'm going to go hunt down their discography for my collection, keep an eye on this space, it may just pop up in my reviews.

Apparently this EP was made in under three months, production by Matik - whose name you might recognise, he tours with Seth Sentry (Facebook / Twitter) - and is that an accomplishment or what? This short, five track EP has been playing on repeat since I got my grubby little hands on it. Cannot get enough, can't wait for the mixtape / album / next EP / whatever Jeremedy decides to do next.

Brilliant! Go buy it!

5 out of 5 friendly ghosts....

Fave Line - "Hope the rain don't come tonight, got my ego hanging out to dry. Hope the rain don't come tonight, got my ego on the washing line." - Unf*ck Me (With Your Love)

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