Monday, 2 July 2012

Suggestion Sunday: The Friday Trilogy (1995, 2000, 2002)

So, this doesn't happen very often but with the between seasons lull in TV I've been reduced to asking friends for help. No, not that kind of help! I've run out of things to watch! *gasp* I know, unbelievable but true. So I asked my Facebook friends for help, and boy did they come through!

71 comments later and I had a list of movies to watch. (*Note* had)

To those of you who have only just realized how serious my movie addiction is; I baked while watching all these movies... that makes it better right? RIGHT?!?! *snickers*

Friday, Next Friday & Friday After Next.

Yes, surprisingly, I have not see these movies! They are all typical 90's stoner movies for sure, ala Biodome & Mallrats which I consider classics. Rapper, Ice Cube wrote the trilogy with friend DJ Pooh, and also starred in all three movies.

They were easy to watch, I barely paid any attention to the TV as I baked tasty deliciousness and still managed to follow the simple storylines. All three movies were based around Ice Cube's character, Craig, and his stoner friends who cant seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Somehow, they always end up owing money for one thing or another, whether its to pay the local bully to leave them alone or raise the funds to pay the rent, and even more amazing, they always manage to raise said funds.

I havent really got a lot to say about these films. They were a good start to the day in that I got a lot of baking done while paying bare minimal attention to the TV. They were very nostalgic and made me wish I was 15 again... Other than that, dont watch unless your stuck in the 90's or a massive pot smoker.

3 out of 5 doobies - again, for nostalgias sake.

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