Monday, 2 July 2012

TV; Falling Skies SE2 EP4

Falling Skies

So I wasn't sure what to think of this when it first came out but like most shows, I gave it a go. I got through season 1 but wasn't too captivated. Children stealing aliens, m'kay then. But the last episode of the season left me hanging. I mean who didn't want to know what the hell happened to Tom in that spaceship?

Of course now the season has started and we still want to know what that alien was talking about! Allowing the resistance to surrender? I don't get it either. Does that mean we should just give up on hoping that the 2nd Mass will make it....somewhere....?

This episode has been the catcher for me I think. I'm more invested in the characters now and want to know what's going on with them.

The very first opening scene with Matt was fantastic! I loved it! I knew from the very first that he was luring the skitters into a trap but i actually expected Ben to be the one shooting them. I figured that maybe since he was teaching his brother to shoot in the last episode that he would be replacing Jimmy with Matt? But no, okay. I actually thought the whole idea was bloody brilliant and didnt think twice about it until Tom went nuts about it.

I liked the side story with those two soldiers / 2nd Massers / dudes as well. Nice touch to see Tom take care of the small problem of an insubordination without letting it result in a major issue. Round of applause for Tom! *cheers*

What the hell is going on with Ben and those glowing spikes? I always thought that the harnesses were live, kind of like the goa'uld in Stargate or Yerks in Anamorphs (hehe), it was nice to see my suspicions confirmed, but it makes the idea of the spikes in Ben's back even more interesting. I wonder if the alien is like a starfish and can grow after separation.

The last thing I wanted to discuss was the discovery of the Captain's daughter, how lucky was that? I supposed they had to add that soft spot to the Captain after he lost Jimmy last episode. *sobs* The goodbye scene was touching with claire de lune playing on the guitar. Lovely. Poor Capt'n, wonder if we'll ever see the girl again?

I leave it to the rest of the season to improve this rating!

3 out 5 aliens...