Monday, 2 July 2012

Suggestion Sunday: Griff The Invisible (2010)

Griff The Invisible

This is an Australian film and I luuuuurve watching Aussie movies! It stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) which is a win all in itself and is about a strange young man named Griff who fancies himself a vigilante super hero, complete with awesome self designed leather superman suit! 

I loved the idea as soon as I saw the preview, it reminded me a lot of Kick-Ass without the sarcasm. What I didn't realize is that the movie is not just about Griff's extracurricular activities, but it's also a love story. It was interesting to see how this strange young man was so alienated by his night-time activities. He had no friends, lost his job, etc. The highlight for me is the relationship between him and his love interest, Melody, and how Griff deals with the office bully - classic!
I think I might have missed some major plot points in this one, so I might rewatch it, which I actually wouldn't mind doing! 

4 out 5 Superheroes! 

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