Tuesday, 7 August 2012

TV: Falling Skies SE2 EP8

Falling Skies
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Like that kid - Jenny - wasn't planted in the middle of the road to get what information they could? It's the same as Karen coming back. Why the hell didn't someone tell Matt (Maxim Knight) not to tell her anything? So stupid! Now they're going to come and take down Charleston aren't they? Or do you think she was part of the rebels? PS. Did you see her mutations? Cooooooool.

So what about Maggie (Sarah Carter)? Pope (Colin Cunningham) is a criminal too isn't he? There's got to be more to that story, that is not big bad secret... I mean, the world is ending, we're being invaded by an alien race, who cares who was in prison before that? Can you really blame her? If Hal (Drew Roy) is really that bothered about it then he can move onto the next hussy in the 2nd Mass. 'Tis a stupid thing to be angry at when you could die at any time. And the baby? He cannot be pissed about that, what has it got to do with him? Absolutely nothing!

This episode was a tad disappointing after the awesomeness of the last few eps. Very much seemed like a filler with no umph, which if not what you want this close to seasons end!

Two episodes left!

2 out of 5 stocking fillers....

[I'd volunteer for beer duty!!]