Sunday, 23 September 2012

Music: Seth Sentry - This Was Tomorrow (2012)

Seth Sentry
Australian Hip Hop

If you know anything about this guy, then you know how long we've all waited for this album to come out. The short 5 track Waiter Minute EP released in 2008 is one of the best EPs I have in my collection. It still gets solid play in my house. So what took him so long, I hear you asking. Well, besides Seth being extremely Lazy (as you can see here) and an addictive gamer, he's pretty much a damn perfectionist!

Since getting the EP, I've had the extreme pleasure of seeing Seth live four or five times. You can see some of my crappy home videoing here: Waitress Song, Our Song w. Horrorshow. Having seen him so many times, I've had the pleasure of hearing some of these songs already; such as Campfire, My Scene and Room for Rent which has some amazing lines and a punchy sound. Material for the next single? I think so!

Float Away (above) gets stuck in my head really badly, almost as badly as Waitress Song and Train Catcher off the EP... on this album I can hear myself singing Room For Rent over and over and the hook to Ten Paces will be another one of those tunes that will never leave my brain again. The sweet croony tunes of Ali Barter (who I had to go and look up after hearing, found this!). Ali is the only real feature on this album, besides some back up vocals from Grey Ghost and Leon Thomas, but in saying that, the behind the scenes guys are some names you've probably heard before; Trials (Funkoars), Matik and Mantra.

I love Seth's laid back style of rapping, he makes it sound so effortless, but then I have to actually listen to his tracks to pick up some golden one liners such as "I see the Devil in a short skirt, hot as hell." - Ink Blot Test.  Also, the album art by Jagi is amazing!

This review pretty much wrote itself. So excited to have this album, glad it's doing so well! Try not to take as long for the next one, eh Seth? Ha! Buy it here!

4 out of 5 nerds...
"On the one hand there's low rent, on the other you'll wonder where your clothes went. It's simple the house is a fish bowl. The wow factor, wow what a shit hole. The Mansion. I just came to say goodbye 'cause the room for rent was, mine..." - Room For Rent

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