Monday, 24 September 2012

TV: LA Complex SE2 EP10 & 11

LA Complex

I know, I know; it's almost time for the next episode and I'm reviewing last weeks? Well, you all know how much I love this show, I just can't not review an episode! I've been thinking about this double one ever since as well. Love it!

So Abby (Cassie Steele) and Kal (Andra Fuller) went to see Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson)! I've been waiting for that all season. I thought they both did really well in that meeting, I was glad and sad at the same time. Kal has changed quite a bit since last season though hasn't he? He's still searching for himself... It's nice that he and Chris (Jarod Joseph), the lawyer, have sorted things out a little, and Dynasty (Dayo Ade) as well. I really like Dynasty.

I hope that this movie Raquel (Jewel Staite), Cam (Kristopher Turner) and Kevin (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) are making turns out awesome and a huge smash and makes all their careers....If they can pull it all together. The one scene they filmed in the bank had me cracking up! Hilariously brilliant! But Raquel skimming cards is not the way to do it! She's going to get caught and go to jail for real this time if she's not careful. It was a bit too close for comfort with that one customer...

How nice was it of Cam to sign Beth (Dayle McLeod) up for the SATs? She actually looked like she was enjoying that exam! We all know she's going to ace them! I really like this guy, glad him and Kevin have a bigger role in this season. They are so cute together - Beth and Cam that is - I swooned a little.

Connor (Jonathan Patirck-Moore) converting to Charlotte's (Tori Anderson) religion...I have nothing against religion but this one is creeping me out a little. Is it even a religion? I noticed that they never mentioned God and I was a tad confused until Eddie (Ennis Esmer) pointed out what it was all about. Connor does need the help though...

Who couldn't see that Sabrina (Georgina Reilly) telling her parents she's a comedian was a bad idea? And now she's moved in with Nick (Joe Dinicol). She was such a bitch to him in this episode, I wanted to slap her silly. He was being so nice and cute and caring! He made her audition work, how good was that? He's a keeper girl! I supposed those demented I Love You's at the end of this ep were sweet....sorta.... meh.

Oh, holy crapola! Beth and Simon's (Michael Levinson) dad! Woah! Luke was watching it with me and he actually thought that Dad was going to take Simon at the theme park. "Oh we're going on the rollercoaster," and then never come back. Close.... I love how the whole complex stood up and stopped him when he tried to take Simon! *huge naww*

Oh yeah... was that Gray (Steve Byers) proposing to Abby?! WTF!

4 out of 5 rollercoasters...
Eddie: "I read in GQ that he gave his last producer a house, as a housewarming gift."