Saturday, 23 November 2013

TV: Nikita SE4 EP1

Action , Crime, Drama

I always forget that this show can be really damn good sometimes. It tends to have mid season lulls where they just do the regular spy thing but premiers and finales are something this show does really well.

Last we left off, Amanda (Melinda Clarke - The OC, Entourage) set Nikita (Maggie Q - Divergent) up to kill the president or she would blow Michael's (Shane West - ER) brains out with the nano-toxins that she'd infected him with when The Shop gave him the new hand. Niki was going to do it too until Michael told her they'd killed the nanos...which they hadn't (yet). So she refused to kill the president, only to have the president shoot herself in the head! Bloody Amanda! I have to say that I kinda like her style of evil better than Percy's (Xander Berkeley - 24, Being Human).

So Niki ran and has been hunting for a way to prove she didn't kill the president. The team never stopped looking for her, of course! Amanda is one step ahead of them, as per usual, recruiting the FBI agent who is in charge of the hunt for Niki, making this entire episode pretty redundant - except that Niki and the team are back together... sort of.

Alex (Lyndsy Fonesca - How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives) is trying to track down The Shop and from there Amanda's hideout. She's run smack bang into Owen (Devon Sawa - Casper, he also played Stan in Eminem's music video!), or Sam, or whoever he is now. I kinda miss Owen but I have to say that Sawa plays a fantastic bad guy... if that's what Sam really is. I think they will convert him, again, eventually. He wouldn't go back to Amanda would he? I hope not.

Where the hell did Ryan (Noah Bean - Damages) and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford - Pyro in X-Men: The Last Stand) get the plane? Is Niki going to be ok? Will Michael make it to her before the cops or Amanda do? What is Owen/Sam planning on doing with Alex and why was he at the drop? It's a new season and it looks to be a good one with Amanda being the Big Bad. Pretty exciting stuff!

4 out of 5 scary ass nanobots...