Saturday, 30 November 2013

TV: Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
Drama, Mystery, Thriller

This show is one of my guilty pleasures. It's like watching a teenage version of The Bold and The Beautiful mixed with Lost. I find myself always yelling at the girls for sneaking around and pulling off these massive plans when it would have been much easier if they'd just tell people what the hell is going on. I also tend to rewrite the scenes in my head as they happen... sometimes scenes just aren't realistic and I think of how I would actually do it if I were really stuck in those situations. I just watched two seasons back to back because curiosity kills a Gee and I really just want to know who A is.

Ok, so I had an inkling that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) was alive for quite a while now and finally we get confirmation at the Season 4 mid-season finale (have I mentioned how much I hate mid-season finales? That's just slack guys, you want not one but two finales a season? Ugh!). So she's been alive and doing what exactly for the last three years? Hiding from Ezra (Ian Harding)? Really?! I've been thinking for a while too that it could be one of the boyfriends playing A. I know it's not Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) because of Ravenswood (which is why I started watching this show again, I couldn't figure out how Caleb got there... at least that's all cleared up now). There was a while after Spencer (Troian Bellisario) caught Toby (Keegan Allen) in the hoodie that I thought he was A, but now he's gone all soft... disappointing. But never did it even occur to me that Ezra might be involved!

I thought as well that maybe one of the girls might have been A. I remember my first suspicion was Aria (Lucy Hale) because, well; A and no one would suspect her, ever. Then Spencer went off the rails for a while after finding supposedly dead Toby in the woods and I thought maybe she had turned for real... but of course it was only about finding Toby then. Hanna (Ashley Benson) might be doing it to get back at everyone for calling her fat and not hanging out with her (I know, I rolled my eyes at that sentence too). I don't know why Emily (Shay Mitchell) could be considered... maybe just that is enough to put her under suspicion.

Let's not forget Jenna (Aussie Tammin Sursok) and being all tangled up with Shana (Aeriel Miranda); what is really going on there and who smacked her over the back of the head and left her to drown? Is the other Red Coat CeCe (Vanessa Ray)? Why did she run from Wilden (Bryce Johnson) and who really killed him? Where have Mona (Janel Parrish) and Jason (Drew Van Acker) gone? Speaking of Jason, that older generation actually have some idea what's happening... so next on the never ending list of suspects is Spencer's sister Mellissa (Torrey DeVitto) and her ex-fiance Wren (Julian Morris). What in the world do they know?

I am so freaking confused, dying of curiosity and a little dazed by how ridiculously good looking everyone in this show is... I'm ashamedly addicted and cannot wait 'til January when the season resumes. Meanwhile, I now understand how Caleb ended up in Ravenswood. Guess I'll continue with that...

3 out of 5 Hansels...
(He's so hot right now!)