Thursday, 8 May 2014

TV: Mass Post... Part II

Woah! Two days in a row, you lucky people! Today I'm going to discuss some of this season's new shows and how they're going so far, starting with my favourite...

From Dusk Till Dawn! I'm pretty sure I've already had a bit of a fangirl gush over Quentin Tarentino (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction) and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Planet Terror) and man was I excited when I heard Rodriguez was adapting this classic for TV. It is very much the same story; the Gecko brothers, Seth (DJ Cotrona) and Richie (Zane Holtz), rob a bank and run over the border to a Mexican bar called the Titty Twister filled with vampires. We get a bit more of the back story this time, so it's not completely the same, and the vampires are more like snakes than traditional vampires, which I love! But it's still full of the classic gory, limb ripping, blood spurting awesomeness backed by the sounds of Chingon that is Rodrigez's classic style. I especially enjoy Jake Busey (Starship Troopers) as Sex Machine. I look forward to watching this every week.

The 100 is about 100 (surprise) kids who've been sent back to Earth to make sure it's livable for the rest of human society, who are still stuck on a mish-mash of spaceships orbiting what they believe to be a radioactive Earth. Well, Earth is livable and what ensues is a kind of Lord of the Flies scenario... until they realise that the 100 are not the only people still on the planet! We don't know a lot about the mysterious grounders yet, or the planet, or the affect of the nuclear bombs. Something happens in every episode to make me want to continue. It's a largely unknown cast but I'm pretty sure that was Aussie Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse) in the preview for next week's episode! So I guess we'll see how this season plays out...

The hubs and I have been charmed by young Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) who has amazing powers in Believe. Everyone seems to love Bo and she spends each episode hunting down people via premonitions she gets and helping them... she really is irresistible. She's being hunted by some private organisation called Orchestra that wants to study her and so Bo and her dad Tate (Jake McLaughlin) and the rest their team of ex-Orchestra specialists spend most of their time running and hiding while helping people along the way. Just a nice, feel-good show for once... sorta...

Intelligence: a show about a guy - Gabriel (Josh Holloway) - with a chip in his head that can connect him to any computer system, satellite, camera... pretty much anything electronic. I'm sure there is another show with this same idea but I'm just fascinated by it and the way Gabriel uses it. The idea of being able to build a virtual crime scene in his mind... yes, I'm interested. Plus, I really like his spunky partner played by Meghan Ory (Once Upon A Time). It's a mix of thriller and drama with a twist of science fiction. It's just finished season one and we're waiting to see whether it will be picked up for a second.

In Crisis a whole bunch of really important kids have been kidnapped while on a school trip. When I say important, I mean the President's son important. The kidnappers are ex-CIA and from what I can gather so far, they are trying to expose a corrupt program within the CIA... I think that's the aim anyway. Each episode, the FBI get a little closer but they are being roadblocked not only by the kidnappers but also by the CIA itself. The kidnappers have been using the parents of these children to accomplish tasks, each task is a piece of the puzzle with the goal (I think) of exposing the CIA program. It's a little confusing, it's a little hectic and I'm always wondering when things are going to fall apart and for which group of people... It took me nearly a whole episode to recognise Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) and even then, it was her voice that gave her away. She is looking fantastic and very unScullylike.

I just found out that Almost Human has been cancelled after a single 13 episode season. I am not the only person saying the Fox is where SciFi goes to die. I really enjoyed it and I'm sad it won't be back. Another awesome SciFi show that's finishing up is Warehouse 13, one of my favourites! But at least it was given the chance to round it all up in this short 6 episode season... 2 episodes left. I will write sad pandas about this later... Also disappointed I didn't get to see the whole season of Killer Women before it was canned; they skipped an episode and I missed some important bits goddamnit! Much annoyance. Another awesome show doesn't make the cut, ugh!

So there ya'll go! Some new shows and some that are finishing up. Anyone watching anything new? I am interested to hear what people think of Star-Crossed, I have yet to check it out. There's still a few regular shows missing from these updates... so there may be a Part III... later.

Love Gee